Time to Care

Come out to the Rally on February 13th


Let’s take Action

Make a care standard for nursing home residents the law.

Since 1992, the complexity of care needs of Ontario’s long-term care residents – the majority of who are 85 years of age or older – has increased significantly.

73 per cent of residents have some form of Alzheimer’s or dementia and most need help with feeding, bathing, toileting and getting out of bed.

Yet Ontario funds long-term care at a lower level than just about any other Canadian province. The result of provincial underfunding is that there isn’t enough staff to provide residents with the care time residents need each day to live with dignity in Ontario nursing homes.

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Safety Star – Rick Thibodeau

We’d like to introduce to you the first ever recipient of the Ottawa Hospital Health & Safety award,  Mr. Rick Thibodeau. Our congratulations Rick!
Rick has been working at the Hospital for the last 42 years as an inventory controller and sets an example with his concern for Health and Safety in the workplace .

Rick’s message for his colleagues?

As workers we should always be aware of our surroundings and always report any suspicious situation. Take pride in our work, keep our heads up and we should never be afraid to ask questions of, or raise concerns with our employer and Union reps.

Let’s be like Rick! Let’s be safe!