The Ottawa Hospital

Collective Agreement

Your collective agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities at work.  If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, please talk to your shop steward or a member of the executive.



Benefits coverage is addressed under Article 18 (Health and Welfare) of the most recent CUPE 4000 Collective Agreement.

For more information on benefit coverage, please contact Coughlin & Associates Ltd.

466 Tremblay Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3R1



CUPE 4000 members working for the Ottawa Hospital are part of the HOOPP pension plan.  Full-time members are automatically enrolled in the plan; membership is optional for part-time and casual employees. Talk to your steward if you have questions about eligibility or enrollment.


Civic Campus Stewards – Unit A (also covering Queensway Carleton)

Name Mobile/Pager Email
Steve Callahan (Chief Steward) 613-316-2011
Lyne Rodrigue
Dominique Giles
Carolina Dirienzo
Theadora Michalski

Civic Campus Stewards – Unit B (also covering Queensway Carleton)
Name Mobile/Pager Email
Geoff Stroud (Chief Steward)
Patricia Burton 613-792-0289
Chelsea Driskell
Jason Fenn
Kim Markell
Jason Ford 613-274-1833
Pierre Levac

General Campus Stewards – Unit C (also covering The Rehabilitation Centre)
Name Mobile/Pager Email
Lisa Malloy (Chief Steward) 613-889-0097
Celine Bourdeau
Jean Marc Bouchard

General Campus Stewards – Unit D (also covering The Rehabilitation Centre)
Name Mobile/Pager Email
Sylvain Sincennes (Chief Steward) 613-857-3674
Andre Lavictoire 613-274-9610
Stephane Richer
Luc Anderson
Pascal Lavigne 613-316-0371
Shawn Goulet 613-274-8217

Riverside Campus Stewards
Name Mobile/Pager Email
Eric Winterson (Chief Steward) 613-983-5291
Emanuel Barutwanayo