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Position Name Phone Mobile/Pager Email
President Lou Burri 613-722-0652 ext. 272 613-808-1535 lburri@cupe4000.com
1st Vice President Robert Gauthier 613-722-0652 ext. 273 613-875-1172 robgauthier@cupe4000.com
Treasurer Alain Robert 613-722-0652 ext. 274 613-862-9062 arobert@cupe4000.com
Recording Secretary Sylvie MacDonald smacdonald@cupe4000.com
Executive Chief Steward Andrew Skinner 613-722-0652 ext. 271 613-806-3046 askinner@cupe4000.com

Civic Campus

Position Name Phone Mobile/Pager Email
2nd Vice President John Poirier 613-722-0652 ext. 278 613-796-9488 or 613-759-9359 (pager) jpoirier@cupe4000.com
Director Stephen Matthews smatthews@cupe4000.com
Director Daniel Dupont 613-808-6768 ddupont@cupe4000.com
Director Jason Ford 613-274-1833 613889-0784 jford@cupe4000.com
Director Robert Crevier rcrevier@cupe4000.com
Director Elisa Trudeau 613-889-3721 etrudeau@cupe4000.com

General Campus

Position Name Phone Mobile/Pager Email
2nd Vice President Pascal Lavigne 613-722-0652 ext. 280 613-316-0371 plavigne@cupe4000.com
Director André Forget 613-875-1159 aforget@cupe4000.com
Director Adam Zeton 613-880-8286 azeton@cupe4000.com
Director Albert Dupuis adupuis@cupe4000.com
Director Julie Avon 613-806-3040 javon@cupe4000.com
Director Nadine Letang 613-897-6742 nletang@cupe4000.com

Riverside Campus

Position Name Phone Mobile/Pager Email
2nd Vice President Marilena Fox 613-722-0652 ext. 282 613-315-2690 mfox@cupe4000.com
Director James Scales 613-806-4210 jscales@cupe4000.com
Director Julie Hillard 613-914-4128 jhillard@cupe4000.com


Committees Chairperson Phone Mobile/pager Email
Redeployment Robert Gauthier 613-722-0652 ext.273 613-875-1172 robgauthier@cupe4000.com
Education Julie Avon 613-806-3040 javon@cupe4000.com
WISB & RTW Robert Gauthier 613-722-0652 ext.273 613-875-1172 robgauthier@cupe4000.com
Health & Safety Zakiah Atwy zatwy@cupe4000.com
Job Evaluation/ Pay Equity Marilena Fox 613-315-2690 mfox@cupe4000.com
Publicity Albert Dupuis adupuis@cupe4000.com
Bylaw Marilena Fox 613-315-2690 mfox@cupe4000.com


Our bylaws are currently being revised and will be posted online soon.

Hall rental

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Approximately 1000 sq/ft bright, open

Handicap accessible, multipurpose Hall that can accommodate up to 100 people in a general assembly style event or up to 40 in classroom format. Amenities include a Kitchenette (refrigerator, microwave, and sink), available WiFi connection, projector and ample onsite free parking.

Our price:

  • Union affiliates: 200$/ day
    175$/ evening
  • Location is at 32 Colonnade Rd. North, suite 300, Ottawa Ont.

    If traveling by OC Transpo 

    • Route 86C

    For more information please contact Alain Robert; 613-722-0652 ext.274 email: arobert@cupe4000.com.