As you know, yesterday, we had conciliation with The Ottawa Hospital and a government-appointed conciliator.

We’d hoped that with the outcome of the Central Award, the Hospital would come to their senses and make a fair offer to the membership.

Unfortunately, not only did the Hospital refuse to match Central compensation, but they reduced their monetary offer and worsened their language proposals.

Their final offer was worse than what they offered on our previous day of bargaining. Their proposals included language that could decrease full-time jobs while decreasing compensation for part-time workers; and language that removed key provisions of your job security. It was insulting.

After this insulting ultimatum, they refused to negotiate any further unless we accepted the agreement; we told them that under no uncertain terms would we accept an agreement so inferior to the Central Award and their last offer. We told the conciliator that since the Hospital refuses to negotiate further, we’ll see them in arbitration, where an arbitrator will decide the outcome.

Your CUPE Local 4000 Bargaining Committee will not recommend an agreement to the membership that doesn’t give us what we deserve.

We’ve scheduled a virtual Townhall this Saturday, July 8th, at noon. See the link and QR code.

You may have heard and seen our campaign online and on the radio. The campaign will expand until the membership has a fair deal. Thank you to all who have supported the bargaining committee already; we’ll continue to rely on your support.

We hope to see you on Saturday.

In solidarity,

Your CUPE Local 4000 Bargaining Committee