COVID-19 Update – March 30, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Dear Members,

Below are the most recent changes for the co-vid outbreak that affect our group. We will be sending updates when we have them to keep members informed.

Updates for usage of surgical/procedure masks:

 Management gave an update on the deployment of masks. Currently there is no shortage and Housekeeping and Logistical Services staff will start each shift with a minimum of 4 masks. If your mask ended up damaged and/or is in need of replacing; management will be able to provide you with more masks.

Casuals and Hours

 If you are casual and have no scheduled hours you can make a request for a LOA. Please reach out to your employer for your Record of Employment (ROE) for your files.

Possible Reduction of Hours

If you believe that your hours are being reduced please notify the Redeployment Team, specifically Robert Gauthier, at 613-722-0652 ext 273

Vacation cancellations

If you have pre-scheduled vacation and would like to cancel, you are more than able to. Staff would keep the hours of vacation that were not used. Please reference staff bulletin provided by the employer, March 13, 2020 for clarity.

Any questions or concerns please email us at

All Hospital members, in addition to medical professionals, provide essential services during a public health crisis and should be recognized for the critical support they provide to TOH.