COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Dear Members,

Below are the most recent changes for the co-vid outbreak that affect our group. We will be sending updates when we have them to keep members informed.

Guidelines for usage of surgical/procedure masks:

CUPE’s stance is that anybody who wants a mask should be provided one. That would also include N95 and fit testing. If you are declined then please document who declined you and inform your CUPE representative for follow up. Whatever PPE is being provided to medical staff should be provided to CUPE members. If you have never been fit tested and they can’t fit test you, the employee may have the right to refuse unsafe work.

Sick leave/benefits

 The employer has notified us that as of April 6th they will no longer be paying sick leave to part-time casual staff. The federal government has introduced a benefit for staff who are not typically entitled to sick leave and the staff can go that route. The new benefit is called Canada Emergency Response Benefits (CERB).

Any staff who meet the criteria for co-vid related sickness MUST notify OHW of their status and may access the following health benefits as of April 6, 2020, made available by the federal government: (click link)

  • Employment Insurance (without the one (1) week waiting period)
  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) for workers who do not otherwise qualify for EI
  • One-time GST Credit to those eligible in May
  • Increase to Canada Child Benefit payments (extra $300 per child granted in May)

The following criteria is what they deem co-vid related sickness

  • If you are sent home by OHW or Ottawa Public Health and placed in self-isolation due to exposure to a COVID-19 positive or suspected positive individual;
  • If you are symptomatic (even milder ones) of COVID-19;
  • If you are confirmed positive for COVID-19 AND/OR living with someone with a confirmed positive result of COVID-19 and must stay home and self-isolate until the family member has been cleared and is no longer infectious as deemed by Ottawa Public Health.

All FT staff on self-isolation with suspected or confirmed cases of the virus will be coded “LSK” for all pre-scheduled shifts. LSK is a paid sick leave code.

Deployment Clause

 With the new temporary order, the employer has the ability to suspend certain parts of the collective agreement and redeploy staff.  Our stance on this is that they use our members as much as possible and fill in all the gaps as they come arise. After discussion with the employer this is also their intent and they agree on principle. If you have any concerns document them and speak with a representative.